Stepping up security for an Internet-of-Things World

The optimistic outlook is that the internet of things will be an enabling technology that will help make the people and physical systems of the world — health care, food production, transportation, energy consumption — smarter and more efficient. The pessimistic outlook? Hackers will have something else to hack. And consumers accustomed to adding security tools to their computers and phones should expect to adopt similar precautions with internet-connected home appliances

Andrew Silberstein speaks on Securing Customer Data at NTCA Cybersecurity Summit

At the NTCA Cybersecurity Summit, October 16-18 in Arlington, Virginia, CyberESI Andrew Silberstein was among the experts contributing to a discussion on “Securing Customer Data” in a world of rapidly evolving cyber-threats.  He spoke on security policies and specific steps organizations should take to protect personal information and data, and to respond effectively in the […]

Consortium Forms Framework for Industrial Cybersecurity

The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) has released the initial version of its Security Framework for industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) development. The goal is to ensure that security is a fundamental part of an IIoT system's architecture, not simply bolted on, and covers the system end-to-end including endpoint devices and the links between system elements.