Managed Detection and Response

Stop today’s sophisticated cyber-attacks

Just defending yourself is never enough. Stop your adversaries with Managed Detection and Response.

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Most continuous security monitoring services stop at alerting, leaving their customers responsible for completing analysis, investigation, and response. CyberESI’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service includes continuous monitoring, alert triage, and information security incident response. CyberESI augments its services with threat hunting to identify previously undetected threats that may have escaped information security controls.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

CyberESI’s advanced managed detection and response solution meets the most difficult and most extensive requirements of industry security standards. It gives you the tools you need to monitor your network, and our analysts can give expert advice on how to address any security issues or gaps noted by our state-of-the-art tools.

  • Be informed of what’s happening in your environment
  • Prevent and limit damage or loss of critical data and service
  • Protect your corporate reputation
  • Reduce insurance cost by showing you’re doing due-diligence

At the core of CyberESI’s MDR service is leading-edge threat intelligence. CyberESI closely collaborates with the cyber threat intelligence community, constantly discovering new threats and developing new threat signatures. What makes CyberESI different is we don’t just rely on information from the Threat Intel community, our skilled hunters discover emerging threats and feed information back to the community and to our customers.

MDR Services and Capabilities

CyberESI’s services can be tailored to best meet your specific needs and are available à la carte or as part of a Service Bundle.

Continuous Security Monitoring & Alert Triage

What’s really happening on the wire? CyberESI’s experts analyze network data and resolve security related alerts to find cyber threats hidden and not discovered by traditional security tools.  Our toolkit includes event logs, alerts, NetFlow, full packet capture, NIDS, SIEM, EDR, retro-IDS (i.e. zero-day attack detection), and more.

Cyber Incident Response & Forensic Analysis

When CyberESI’s experts determine an alert was triggered by a genuine threat, they begin remediation and response activities. Our experts have extensive experience in IR, network- and forensic- analysis, and leverage this knowledge with an up-to-date forensics toolkit to comprehensively analyze incident data, no matter the type or size of case.

Cyber Threat Hunting

CyberESI uses creative and customized strategies to hunt and identify previously undetected cyber threats that have been able to bypass information security controls. By finding the bad actor early, an organization can implement remediations before data is stolen, altered, or destroyed.

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) Services

CyberESI will optimize operations, administration and maintenance for customers SIEM instrumentation for log aggregation, the curation of security data, analytics, event alerting and analytics for threat detection and hunting.

Vulnerability Scanning

Review of organization’s systems and network for potential exploits and avenues of compromise. This service enables an organization to look for holes in their security posture and remediate before an adversary finds the weakness.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing validates security controls are in place and working properly. CyberESI views your network through the eyes of both a malicious actor and an experienced cybersecurity expert to identify areas where your security posture needs improvement.

** CyberESI can leverage your existing tools to provide these services or augment your tools with our powerful in-house solutions.

CyberESI's MDR Service Bundles

“The combination of tools, technology, experienced staff, and CyberESI’s Baltimore Operations Center provides us the right eyes and ears on our network, systems and data. We consider CyberESI as an extension of our team.”

– Chief Information Officer, Marlyand Technology Company

“Prevention is futile unless it is tied to a detection and response capability.”

– Sid Deshpande, Principal Research Analyst at Gartner