In a world of increasingly sophisticated cyber-criminals and hackers, you need more than just defense.  You need a castle.

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CyberCastle is CyberESI’s comprehensive security monitoring and management service. CyberCastle provides defense in depth that continuously adapts to the latest cyber threats in order to keep your data, applications, and critical infrastructure secure.  CyberESI secures your valuable assets, helps ensure regulatory compliance, and enables your IT team to focus on daily IT business operations.


The truth is that conventional firewalls, anti-virus and anti-malware software are like castle walls built on sand.  The question is not whether they will be breached – but when.  CyberCastle counteracts complex threats with the latest machine + human intelligence.

We designed CyberCastle to jump a high bar: delivering superior performance at a competitive price for midsize organizations whose cybersecurity exposure is growing faster than its resources.  Flexible pricing and service options let you purchase the service you need today while providing room for the future.


The service places our patented DXR data recorder and SXR site server within your network, under the management of our offsite Security Operations Center, where our security experts become familiar with your network environment.  They use our advanced CXR threat intelligent platform to stay one step ahead of the latest risks.


DXR Data Recorder

The DXR data recorder installed on-premise provides complete network visibility and ultrafast indexing, capture and time-stamping of every packet.

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SXR Site Server

The SXR site server is the gateway to a fully managed solution that includes packet capture, IDS/IPS alerts, endpoint scanning and forensic tools.

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CXR Threat Intel Platform

CXR combines multiple sources of threat data with patented techniques to identify threats and keep pace with the ever-changing threat environment.

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Operations Center

Experienced cybersecurity experts in our Security Operations Center conduct real-time network risk analysis, digital forensics, and deep interpretation of breaches.

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For more detail on CyberCastle, download the product sheet.