Patented Technology

Engineering is our middle name

In addition to providing custom filters, signatures, and reports for each of our clients, CyberESI has multiple patents and proprietary technologies that set us apart as a MDR provider.

Simply put, we are constantly innovating and staying ahead of the competition, providing our clients with one-of-a-kind, cutting edge cybersecurity technology and service.


The custom-designed hardware that frames CyberESI’s powerful software.  The Blackhawk server is able to store 64 TB of captured data traffic in a remarkably small form, and keeps its drives healthy with constant capture leveling.  This allows CyberESI to provide a solution with incredible processing, capacity, and endurance.

Blackhawk Threat Platform

The unique software that delivers our MDR capabilities.  The Blackhawk Threat Platform combines multiples sources of threat data — IDS, EPS, packet capture, Splunk, threat intel, and more — with patented techniques to identify threats and keep pace with ever-changing cyber risks.

Patented Technology

CyberESI has patented system and method for automated malware artifact retrieval and analysis, and a patented storage appliance and threat indicator query framework.  These technologies are perfectly designed for the cybersecurity community and provide the driving power behind our offerings.