Cybersecurity Services


Our suite of cybersecurity services provide streamlined solutions to complex security problems

In a connected world, there is no escaping it.  The ever-rising tide of cyber-threats and increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks force you to constantly assess your IT vulnerabilities and develop effective policies to mitigate the risk of data breaches.

CyberESI meets the need with cost-effective cybersecurity services that assess your risks, establish the right policies to meet them, and design an in-depth defense of your networks. Our team of government-trained experts draws upon years of experience performing risk assessments and developing cybersecurity policies that enhance a company’s security posture and counteract even the most sophisticated adversaries.  The result is a much-reduced risk of data breach and a far better return on your cybersecurity investment.

Combine the insights of multiple services for maximum impact

By analyzing a cyber security program from multiple angles you will benefit from the combined experience of the entire CyberESI team that will provide a more in-depth understanding of the current state of your program and create the roadmap to a successful security implementation plan.

  • Government-trained experts with years of experience
  • Compliance insight from professionals who helped write the NIST SP 800-150 standard
  • Cost-effective solutions that put power back into the hands of your analysts
  • Low device-to-analyst ratio allows our team to develop personalized knowledge of your operating environment
  • Available turn-key security platform and tools with the expertise to support and use them
  • In-depth defense of your networks to counteract today’s sophisticated adversaries

“The combination of tools, technology, experienced staff, and CyberESI’s Baltimore Operations Center provides us the right eyes and ears on our network, systems and data. We consider CyberESI as an extension of our team.”

– Chief Information Officer, Marlyand Technology Company

CyberESI's Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity Consulting

Our cybersecurity consulting services enhance your security posture, reduce risk of data breaches, and ensure compliance with relevant industry regulations.

  • Compliance scanning and verification
  • Endpoint security management
  • Incident response planning
  • IT and security architecture assessment
  • Network security device management
  • Network and system implementation and configuration
  • Security gap analysis

Incident Response Retainer

CyberESI works with Womble Bond Dickinson to provide a cyber Incident Response Retainer service.  The annual service offers:

  • discounted incident response hours
  • Attorney-Client Privilege for key work products

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Policy and Compliance Analysis

Our services cover the full lifecycle of cybersecurity, from policy, process, and best practices development to program management and implementation of your tailored cybersecurity program. Our approach, based on years of experience, uses industry best-practice frameworks while measuring against any regulatory requirements specific to your industry.

  • Policy development and review
  • Review Compliance Policy Requirements
  • Review Program Maturity
  • Support Security Control Implementation

Training and Awareness

Having a security-aware organizational staff greatly reduces the likelihood of a successful cyber attack.  CyberESI offers training opportunities that capitalize on the findings from our other service offerings.  Integrating a training session with these other offerings provides your staff an immediate opportunity to deeply understand the relevant risks and vulnerabilities specific to your organization.

  • Employee training event
  • IT staff training event
  • Incident response training event

Vulnerability Assessment

Assess your infrastructure including computers, computer systems, networks, and applications for security weaknesses.  Results and CyberESI’s expert analysis help point to where your organization is vulnerable to penetration.

  • External Scan and Analysis
  • Internal Scan and Analysis
  • Compliance Scan and Analysis

Penetration Testing

Discover where a successful attack might occur. Penetration testing is the practice of attempting to compromise a computer system, network, or Web application to find vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit.

  • Test from the perspective of an outsider
  • Test from the perspective of an insider
  • Test through social engineering (e.g. phishing, social media, piggybacking)

** CyberESI can leverage your existing tools to provide these services or augment your tools with our powerful in-house solutions. 

“Frankly, overtaxed security teams are challenged to keep pace with this evolving and churning threat landscape, as well as the security tools they seek to master. Augmenting your team with experts can provide the talent and ‘surge capacity’ that small businesses need.”

– Cyber Security and the Small Business, Frost & Sullivan