Network visibility is the foundation of cybersecurity

The question is not whether you will be breached, but when. In-depth visibility is your network’s best defense.

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Managed Detection and Response

Most continuous security monitoring services stop at alerting, leaving their customers responsible for completing analysis, investigation, and response. CyberESI’s comprehensive security monitoring and incident response service provides defense in depth that continuously adapts to the latest cyber threats to keep your data, applications, and critical infrastructure secure.

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Incident Response and Hunt

When CyberESI’s experts determine an alert was triggered by a genuine threat, they begin remediation and response activities. They also use creative and customized strategies to hunt for previously undetected cyber threats that may have bypassed security controls. Our experts have extensive experience in incident response, network analysis, and forensic analysis, and leverage this knowledge with an up-to-date forensics toolkit to comprehensively analyze incident data, no matter the type or size of case.

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Careful not to get lost in the code

Cybersecurity Services

Our suite of cybersecurity services provide streamlined solutions to complex security problems. CyberESI’s team of government-trained experts draws upon years of experience performing risk assessments and developing cyber-security policies to develop personalized knowledge of your operating environment,  enhance your security posture, and counteract even the most sophisticated adversaries.

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Why Choose Us?

Founded in 2010 by a team of DoD-trained cybersecurity experts, and aligned to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, CyberESI is a Managed Detection and Response provider focused on the midsize enterprise with expanding cybersecurity needs.


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