Incident Response

Our team of security experts provide immediate incident response services and work to minimize the duration and impact to your organization from an active security breach.

Incident Response is a set of procedures for an investigator to examine a computer security incident. This process involves figuring out what was happened and preserving information related to those events. Because of the fluid nature of computer investigations, incident response is more of an art than a science. Time-to-detect and Time-to-respond to cyber threats are the most critical factors at the initial stages of a cyberattack. Any delay in response only increases the damage to network and infrastructure, potential data loss, and the cost to remediate the cyber attack.


CyberESI offers Incident Response Retainers that let our client’s pre-pay for incident response support and receive a discounted rate.  Hours can be used in the event of a cybersecurity incident. The incident response tasks can be performed both onsite or remotely, depending on the type of tasks being performed. The monthly hours do not carry over from month to month.


Perform preliminary investigation:

  • Determine scope and criticality of incident
  • Provide initial recommendations for mitigation
  • Escalate to full incident response if necessary


Extends investigation and response:

  • Extended analysis and evaluation of the incident
  • Develop and implement mitigations
  • Keep stakeholders informed and report on progress
  • Document actions and deliver comprehensive final report