CyberESI protects its clients from advanced and fast-changing cyber threats with a comprehensive threat monitoring service, supported by a suite of professional services to assess and improve your security posture.

Defending cyberspace against piracy

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Powered by CyberCastle, CyberESI’s comprehensive security monitoring and management service. CyberCastle provides defense in depth that continuously adapts to the latest cyber threats to keep your data, applications, and critical infrastructure secure.

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Incident Response

Quick and accurate response minimizes the damage of an incident. CyberESI’s team of skilled cybersecurity experts with decades of combined experience use advanced tools and proprietary technologies to conduct real-time network risk analysis, digital forensics, and deep interpretation of security breaches.

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Professional Services

CyberESI offers cost-effective professional services, provided by our team of government-trained experts who draw upon years of experience performing risk assessments and developing cyber-security policies to enhance your security posture and counteract even the most sophisticated adversaries.

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