Network Visibility is the Foundation of Cybersecurity

Network Visibility is the Foundation of Cybersecurity

The question is not whether you will be breached – it is when.  That’s a hard fact for most executives and officials to accept, but it’s true.  Just consider this:

More than 169 million personal records were exposed in 2015 through 781 publicized breaches across financial, business, education, government and health sectors (ITRC Data Break Report)

The median number of days that attackers stay dormant within a network before detection is over 200.  (Microsoft Advanced Threat Analysis)

81 percent of data breach victims had neither a system nor a managed security service in place.  (2015 Trustwave Global Security Report)

Once you get your arms around that idea, your approach to cybersecurity undergoes a major change.   You realize that conventional firewalls, anti-virus and anti-malware software are like castle walls built on sand.   Instead of building bigger and thicker walls, you learn to focus on seeing what the bad guys are up to so that you can develop an effective response in real time.

Making Threats Visible

When you come down to it, it is the oldest wisdom in the world.  You cannot manage a problem if you cannot even see it.

At CyberESI, we focus on making the security posture of the network highly visible to the systems and people safeguarding it.  Our patented technology delivers several cybersecurity capabilities in one, unified device: providing full-packet capture, detecting intrusions, scanning thousands of endpoints and aggregating the data in event logs, and scanning for command-and-control nodes both across the Internet and within your network to identify threats before they become security breaches.

Managing it all are the experienced and skilled cybersecurity experts in our Baltimore Operations Center.  They conduct real-time network risk analysis, digital forensics, and deep interpretation of security breaches.  The goal of all these systems and people is to ensure that threats, once made visible, are neutralized quickly and completely.